Webinar: Executive Leadership

Webinars: Executive Leadership

Based on a Korn Ferry Executive Assessment tool, this webinar series delves deeply into five key competencies.


The basis for all the programming in this track is the Korn Ferry Four Dimensional (KF 4D) Executive Assessment tool, which the executive recruitment firm Korn Ferry uses in some searches. In collaboration with Korn Ferry and drawing on Korn Ferry's course book, FYI: For Your Improvement—Competencies Development Guide (available to members for $95 at www.kornferry.com), WIHCL uses the KF 4D Global Competency Framework throughout the series.

While the framework is made of of 38 competencies, WIHCL and Korn Ferry, working with general counsel, have identified the five competencies that have the most important impact on an in-house counsel's career trajectory. WIHCL members participating in this track are required to take the KF 4D assessment (free to WIHCL members). The results will form the basis for the first webinar session.

All sessions, unless noted, start at 11 AM PT/1 PM CT/2 PM ET and run for an hour. 

Competency Characteristics Moderator
Fri, Apr 8 Korn Ferry Framework Overview

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  • Overview of competency framework
  • Definition of competencies, traits, behaviors
  • Summary of WIHCL member assessment results

Lloyd Johnson, Executive Director, WIHCL

  • Christine Fuchs, Vice President, Global Assessment Services, Korn Ferry
  • Julie Preng, Office Managing Director, Stamford


Fri, Jun 17
Interpersonal Savvy

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  • Proactively develops relationships with a wide variety of people
  • Builds immediate rapport even when facing difficult and tense situations
  • Understands interpersonal and group dynamics and reacts in an effective manner
Stewart Hirsch, Managing Director, Executive Coach, Strategic Relationships, LLC
  • Sloane Perras, Chief Legal Officer, The Krystal Company
  • Karstin Bodell, Vice President, General Business Marketing (former)

Wed, July 27

Korn Ferry Assessment Results

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  • Aggregate Korn Ferry Results
  • Comparison of the workshop participant results vs. 850,000 business executives who have taken the assessment in the last 10 years
  • Comparison of results of men vs. women, attorneys vs. business people


Lloyd Johnson, Executive Director, WIHCL


  • Christine Fuchs, Vice President, Global Assessment Services, Korn Ferry
  • Kimberly R. Phillips, Global Litigation, Associate General Counsel - Americas, Shell Oil Company
Tues, August 30 Self-Awareness/

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  • Seeks and acts on feedback from a wide variety of people
  • Willingly admits and takes responsibility for mistakes and shortcomings
  • Views criticism as helpful
Julie Crotty, JD, MBA
Executive Coach and Managing Partner, LUMI Coaching and Leadership Development
Nov 1

Influencing the C-Suite

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  • Ways to be effective in a variety of communication settings
  • How to attentively listen to others
  • Tips on adjusting to fit the audience and the message
Anne Whitaker, President-Secondments and Coaching, Entrusted Advisors
Tues, Dec 6

11AM CT/
Managerial Courage

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  • Tackling difficult issues with optimism and confidence
  • Sharing sensitive messages or unpopular points of view in a motivating manner
  • Letting people know where they stand, honestly and sensitively
Mindy Millward, Owner and Managing Partner, Navalent



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