Dinner Among Friends

Dinner Among Friends

Opportunities for women attorneys, in legal departments and at law firms, to share, mentor, and work together.


Washington, DC


Dinner Among Friends
Annual regional dinners where women general counsel have an opportunity to share best practices, mentor women outside their own companies who are considered high-potential general counsel candidates, and meet women who have just become general counsel of Fortune 500 companies. Over dinner, participants will work with their peers to identify high-priority competencies and skills and to benchmark advancements in executive leadership development.

Drinks Among Friends
Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2014, this group has spread nationwide as a grass-roots organization that brings together women in the legal community, regardless of their practice setting, to help empower them both in their practices and in their roles as businesswomen, encouraging them to share their power through collaboration, relationship building, celebration, and storytelling.


Women In-House Counsel Leadership Institute

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